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15 авг

Growth of Shangri La's operational indicators in Georgia

Storm International, which manages the gambling network in the CIS and Europe, shared its operating results of 2017. One of the positive changes was the improvement of Shangri La's performance in Georgia. The figures grew by 21% as compared to 2016. This is a significant achievement, given the small size of the country, the tax burden, and sufficiently high competition.

Michael Boettcher, Storm International founder, spoke about the reasons for the growth of the indicators, and also shared the components of the success of the company, which since 1992 has expanded its geography several times.

As it turned out, there are several reasons that led to a strong growth in Shangri La's indicators. Firstly, the strength and good reputation of the brand, which is known for fair play, respectful attitude to the guests, and a wide range of services. This attracts respectable guests who are looking for a quality multi-faceted vacation.

Secondly, the management team is of great importance. Now it’s working like a well-oiled machine. This means that guests receive a variety of leisure, interesting shows, jokes, and additional prizes. This is something that is not available in other institutions of this level.

Thirdly, the increase in the number of international flights to Georgia has played a role. An easy way to get to Shangri La, Michael Boettcher clarified, led significantly more guests. Some travelers aim to go to Tbilisi for the sake of junket tours. And a certain percentage - specifically for the sake of Shangri La, which is immensely popular in the CIS.

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