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11 авг

Junket tours - royal style of VIP holiday

Real royal rest, where you will be surrounded by luxury, well-trained staff and all the joys of life, is a huge rarity. Fans of quality VIP service are always in search of exclusive options that will drive boredom away and fill the holiday with a spark. What is surprising, is that very few people know that all these joys can easily be obtained on a junket tour. For this you do not even need to go very far! You can order a similar tour in the casino in Latvia, Armenia, Georgia and Belarus, as well as in almost all gambling houses in Europe.

What is a junket tour? Let's take a look at the example of the exclusive SL Casino in Riga. So, junket is a tourist tour to gambling establishments with some additional privileges, comfortable accommodation, transfer, excellent cuisine, playing on special conditions, excursions and other bonuses. At the same time, the guests can change many variables of their trip: the level of the hotel, the type of food, the features of the game, the schedule of excursions and entertainment.

SL Casino Riga is a part of the empire of Storm International that operates in a VIP niche. The gambling house is located in the exclusive hotel Kempinski in the heart of the historical part of the capital of Latvia. Guests who choose to go on a junket tour are accommodated in superior rooms and receive round-the-clock access to the game.

Of course, there is everything you need for an interesting game. The whole two floors and more than 600 square meters are given for popular slots, card games and roulette. On the ground floor, there is a spacious slot-hall with 50+ newest slots from the world's best developers. For pauses in the game, it is nice to have a look at the cozy sports bar, which is also located in SL Casino on the ground floor. By the way, sports fans often come here to cheer for their favorite teams.

The first floor of this cozy Riga casino is arranged as a realm of table games. There are 10 tables with poker, blackjack and American roulette. Guests can relax in the elegant lounge area while enjoying their favorite drinks and snacks.

Visitors everywhere are surrounded by a restrained luxury of art deco style. It is used for the design of all premises. Even the interiors are tuned for rest in a royal way. For the halls, exclusive furniture of rich mahogany was custom made, the decoration is complemented by Italian fabrics and English carpets.

A special care for the guests is another reason to love this junket tour. Visitors are surrounded by care and attention, can contact the organizers with any question that concerns leisure, excursions or menus. Most often, junket tourists also get access to closed parties, they can visit VIP Club and participate in prize draws. The tour is planned so that all the time was filled with interesting events.

SL Casino tours are planned, taking into account the 25-year experience of Storm International, ranging from free booking of airplane tickets and transfers to the organization of bright leisure. Each guest is assigned with a personal manager, who can be contacted for any questions related to staying in Riga.

More details about SL Casino and gaming tours can be found on the site sl-casino.lv.

A little more about junket tourism. This type of recreation appeared in the mid-twentieth century in the US and quickly became popular in Europe. Of course, the main consumers of this type of tourism are people who like to play casino games. But gradually this direction is being discovered by other travelers, almost not familiar with the world of casinos. After all, the cost of the tour includes so many things that you will not get in any other kind of rest. Add to this new impressions and luxurious surroundings. In addition, no one denies the chance of winning the jackpot!

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